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Turnitin: Understand Results

Guide on how to use Turnit

Understand Your Results

To view your Originality Report, click on the Originality Report icon to the right of the assignment (or the percentage listed next to your submittal).

By default, students cannot see their own Originality Reports. If you see the text 'Not Available' instead of an Originality Report icon in your portfolio, then your instructor has disabled the ability for students to view the Originality Report for this assignment. If you would like to view your report, contact your instructor.


Once you have accessed your originality report you will see your paper with highlights and this on the top left.

This indicates that you are viewing the originality report. You can easily switch between this and your grademark report from here. 


The percentage on the top right is your similarity percentage. This shows you how much of your 

paper matches other papers.


To see a breakdown of the matches look to the right of your screen. Here the percentage along with the external match is shown. Click the link to jump to the match in your paper. You can access more information by selecting the right arrow when you hover over the match.


The matches in your paper are color coded and highlighted. To see the source information simply click on the number above the text.


A box like this one will appear, showing the exact match to the external source. 



For more information on using Originality Check click here.

If the class instructor provided feedback on the assignment within GradeMark, students are able to view the feedback after the Post Date of the assignment.

When the Post Date passes, students are able to access the instructor feedback within GradeMark by clicking on the blue 'View' button.

This icon on the top left indicates that you are in the GradeMark report.

The score on the top right is your score from the professor. 

The paper may also contain comments that are shown with yellow highlight and blue and white speech



From your class homepage you can view all of your grades by selecting the "My Grades" tab at the top.

Here you can view a grade book that shows past assignments and grades.



For more information on using GradeMark click here