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Turnitin: User Preferences

Guide on how to use Turnit

User Preferences

The Turnitin student user homepage contains a number of links in the toolbar at the top that allow a user to change their profile and preference information or check for system-wide announcements from Turnitin. 

My Classes
The HOME link returns a student user to their student user homepage and the list of classes in which the active user profile is currently enrolled. From this page, a user can enroll in new classes or enter a class portfolio. 

User Info
A user profile contains personal information and user preferences. Click the user info link to open the user profile options. The user information area is separated into two sections: personal information and user preferences.


Personal Information

In the personal information section of the user information page a user is shown a number of fields, many of which are optional and can be provided at your discretion. There are required fields however, which are listed here:

  • User name (e-mail)

  • Password

  • Confirm password

  •  Secret question

  • Question answer

  • Last name

  • First name

All other areas of the personal information section are optional.

User Preferences

The user preferences section of a user profile affects how information within the profile account is presented and sets defaults for commonly used functions. User preferences include:

  • default user type – determines the type of user homepage seen on login - administrator, instructor, or student; change user type is done by using the user type button.

  • default submission type – select a default submission type: file upload, bulk upload, or cut and paste

  • items per page – select the number of items you would like displayed per page

  • show page info – toggles the info messages at the top of each page on and off

  • send me e-mail updates – choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin

  • use homepage link – choose yes to create a homepage link. To set up a link, enter a link name and URL below.

Messages and Announcements

To view important Turnitin messages and announcements, click on the messages link.

Warning: Urgent notifications may appear both on the messages page and on the Turnitin user homepage. These include messages announcing scheduled downtimes