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Writing Seminar II: Home

Professor Wong

Welcome, Writing 102!

The resources available at the MMC Library are available to support your academic pursuits. If you transfer here the resources may be slightly different from those at your previous school along with the configuration of the physical space.  In addition, much of the library resources are available remotely and can be accessed using your network ID and password. 

NPR Story Corps

What is Peer-Reviewed?

Peer Review is the process by which an article is evaluated by a group of specialists in its given field prior to being "accepted" for publication.

Where to find non-peer reviewed items

A popular source:

  • Is a publication, such as a newspaper or a magazine that you could buy in a grocery store
  • Is often illustrated with colorful pictures and advertisements.  Are many times written by journalists or professional writers for a general audience
  • Uses language that is easily understood by general readers and is written for the public
  • Rarely gives full citations for sources, though sources may be quoted
  • Is usually shorter than journal articles
 Examples of Popular Resources
Bloomberg Businessweek National Geographic Image result for bbc Image result for nytimes
 Bloomberg Businessweek  National Geographic BBC NYT