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How do I find a U.S. Supreme Court case

How do I find a U.S. Supreme Court case

Getting started

Choose a topic: Define the research question/statement

Find sources: Identify the information need. Do you need background info? A research article? A literature review article? etc. What databases would include this type of information on your topic? In addition, you can work with a librarian. 

Use Keywords: construct a list of concepts/words that you will use. 

Critical thinking skills:  Is the info relevant, reliable, current, appropriate?

Cite: Make sure to cite all work.  


Productivity Tools

Can't find an item

Can't find something


Can't find it at our library? Use our Inter-Library Loan service to borrow materials from other libraries. Before requesting books or articles from another library, you should search the Library Catalog (books), or the Journal List (articles) to see if we have the item you need. If you still can't find what you're looking for, then request the item through interlibrary loan. Here is a link to the Inter-Library form