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WSGN: WSGN Fashion

Worth Style Global Network is an image database for trends in fashion.

WSGN Fashion


Brainstorming topic ideas for a class assignment? Start at WSGN (Worth Style Global Network). Founded in London in 1998 (hence the spelling of "colour") WSGN is an image database for fashion trends. Articles and images are constantly updated. Fashion photos are produced from around the world. This forecasting tool will help you stay ahead of fashion and color trends. WSGN is helpful for fashion marketing, business, graphic design, visual art courses and costume studies for theater.

WGSN Fashion

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Ways to search

Creative ways to search WSGN

Start your search by clicking on  All Markets and a list of subjects will pop up. If you already know that you want to limit your search by gender or age, you can click on the appropriate word. If you click Fashion Feed, you will get up-to-date postings of new fashions.

 Within All Markets, you can search by

  • Time Period (Future Trends)
  • Type of Clothing (Category)
  • Details of Interest to Graphic Designers (Create)
  • Details of Interest to Marketers (Buying)

If you aren't sure where you want to go, try browsing the Research column.

Once you have picked a topic, you can further refine it by using the toolbar that appears along the top of each web page and the search box that appears on the upper left.

Ways to search WGSN

Catwalks Live and International

Catwalk Live

Catwalks Live and International

WSGN has no one category called Catwalks, but the "Catwalks" fit together. The overview is in Catwalks Gallery. From there, you can click over to still and video images of fashion shows, organized by year, city, and designer, in Catwalks Live. Business information is in Catwalks Analytics.




Graphic artists in search of inspiration may want to browse Textiles.



Try our Image database ARTstor for more research in art and architecture.



The fashion industry is beginning to engage in the many topics that come under the heading of "sustainability", such as environmental hazards and workers' rights. Find more by going to Sustainability


The Knitting School


A hole in your knitwear needn’t be the end of its life-cycle. Visible mending continues to inspire decorative repair techniques, as taught by WGSN favourite @theknittingschool. We suggest offering darning, embroidery and patching services in-store to personalise and breathe life into old product

Sustainability Bulletin



"Every perception of colour is an illusion . . . we do not see colours as they really are. In our perception they alter one another."

by Joseph Albers  

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Collection Review: Women's Colour Pre-Summer 20 By Jane Boddy / 07.01.19

Collection Review: Women's Colour Pre-Summer 20

By Jane Boddy
 / 07.01.19


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