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A Blackboard Resouce - For Instructor: Keep Teaching with Blackboard!

Introduction to Blackboard for Instructors

Using Blackboard During Remote Teaching

For the Fall semester MMC courses will be online; be prepared to use Blackboard to help supplement your current practices and improve communication with your students. Below are a few points to consider:

How can I offer synchronous lectures/meetings for my students with recordings?

Zoom is a video conferencing application where users can join a meeting and share audio and video. Zoom has a screen sharing and presentation mode. Click the MMC IT User Guide on Zoom to learn more and click the Zoom tab above for integrating Zoom with Blackboard. Or visit the MMC Zoom LibGuideEmail the IT Office for assistance with Zoom.

Equipment you will need for Zoom:

  • Device with a good internet connection
  • Headphones or earbuds with microphone (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Web camera (optional, preferred for face-to-face contact)

How can I collect student assignments digitally?

Blackboard has an Assignments tool that allows you to collect assignments digitally, provide students feedback, and share student grades. More information can be found on the Assignments & Grade Center tab.

How can I share student grades confidentially and digitally?

Blackboard allows you to communicate individual grades and total grades with students through the Blackboard Grade Center. Grade Center is also covered in the Assignments & Grade Center page on this mini-site.

How can I communicate updates, changes, and other relevant information to my students?

Use Blackboard’s Announcements feature when you need to communicate with your class as a group. You can push the announcement to students’ emails, and a copy of the announcement will also appear on your course site. On this mini-site, you can read more about them on the Announcements tab 

How can I stimulate online class discussions?

Blackboard has a Discussion Board feature that enables you and your class to communicate. As an instructor, you can begin a topic of conversation and have your students reply to you and each other. More detail on this mini-site can be found by clicking here

How can I facilitate exams, quizzes, or tests digitally with my students?

Blackboard has a Tests and Surveys feature that allows instructors to create exams with multiple types of questions. You can control when each test is available and what is released to students. The Tests tab on this mini-site discusses options in more detail.