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Blackboard - For Instructors : Why Use Blackboard?

Introduction to Blackboard for Instructors

Why Use Blackboard?

why?Why should you use Blackboard for your course? Isn't Blackboard just a glorified portable drive to store .pdfs? Or is it a revolutionary online learning tool that can stimulate the imagination of both teachers and students and greatly improve the entire learning experience? Both are true, it could be argued. But for sure, Blackboard can expand classroom time, improve communication, and save paper! For some it may be an unfamiliar technology that will initially increase the time needed to prep your courses; but with practice it will save you time and improve the academic experience for your students.

Still not convinced? Here's one reason to use Blackboard: Just use it to post your syllabus. In doing so, Blackboard will automatically generate alternative accessible formats of your syllabus. To learn more about this, click the tab above marked Ally, it will introduce you to the Blackboard feature that focuses on making digital course content more accessible. 

So save yourself some time; embrace universal design; dynamically improve your course content by posting videos, pictures, and online discussions, all of which will improve workflow, communication, storage access and capacity as well as the security of your courseware.