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PHIL 340: Ethics and Law

This guide is to assist Professor Fred Copley's Spring 2020 Ethics and Law students in writing their 8-10 page, six-source research paper.

Annotated bibliography

Should include an entry for each sourse. Sources should be academic in nature.
Each entry should include:
• bibliographical information
• a paragraph summarizing the source’s main points and arguments
• a paragraph giving your reasoning for including the the source and its role in your project
Give me a paper copy and submit a copy to Late work will lose 1/3 of a letter grade per day.

Rough draft

Should be a complete draft, although it may fall short of the page length of the final version.
Late work will lose 1/3 of a letter grade per day.

Final research paper

10-12 pages plus bibliography. Using a minimum of six sources beyond our course
readings, research a focused topic related to ethics and law. On the basis of your research, develop and
defend an original thesis. Clear your topic with me by 3/19. Submit an annotated bibliography by 4/16
(10% of course grade). Submit a rough draft by 5/14 (5% of course grade). Bring 2 copies of the rough
draft to class on 5/14, when we will devote class time to workshopping and peer feedback on the rough
draft (5% of course grade). Submit the final version by 5/21 (25% of course grade). Late work will lose
1/3 of a letter grade per day. Give me paper copies of all work. The final version and the annotated
bibliography should be submitted to I cannot accept work after the course has ended.